If I Only Knew Podcast

An unscripted conversation delving into the the contemporary issues of culture, society and identity.

Join If I Only Knew co-hosts Fred Cicchini (CEO) and Matt Blanch (Youth Advisory Committee Chair) for a thrilling discussion at the intersection humour, psychology and research.

In this series, Fred and Matt tackle a variety of social issues in the hopes of bridging the generational divide separating most of the modern world. They explore the current challenges and opportunities of technology, the evolution of dating practices as well as the ever-evolving priorities of younger generations.

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Episode 1: A Crisis of Modern Masculinity.

We start our cross-general conversation discussing the way masculinity has changed over time. We engage with the tension around what men 'should' and 'shouldn't be', discussing different role models to different generations. What do you think constitutes the 'modern' man?


Episode 2: A Crisis of Modern Masculinity.

Let's investigate how the phrase 'gaslighting' has become mainstream. Fred discusses this behaviour from a clinical setting, while Matt focuses on the ways it's used by the average young person today. If you're curious about the impacts adopting an awareness of 'gaslighting' can have on today's youth, this episode for you.

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"Psyched! An insightful and stimulating look at modern problems from interesting perspectives. Great to see the millennial world through a psychologist’s lens."

- 5-star review