What is Psychology?

Did you know that one in five Australians have been affected by mental health issues? From experiencing anxiety, stress, loneliness or sadness at the unpredictability of the future, and tumultuous nature of the present, there are many reasons an individual may need to speak with a psychologist.  

Psychologists support your mental health and goals for future wellbeing. They provide behavioural intervention and offer a wide range of treatments for intellectual or cognitive difficulties, learning disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder and mental health challenges like anxiety, depression, stress management, post-traumatic stress disorder and more. 

Psychological services offer a safe space to receive clinical advice from an expert as you work toward your mental health and wellbeing goals. Accelerate Health provides a variety of support including individual assessments and interventions, group programs and workplace programs delivered via face-to-face and digital platforms. Receiving psychological support produces a range of positive outcomes, including: 

  • A better understanding of the presenting problem and how to manage it 
  • Improved/strengthened coping responses 
  • Effective problem solving and decision making  
  • Insights into the link between thinking, feeling and behaviour 
  • Development of strategies that break unhealthy cycles 
  • Self-efficacy and confidence  
  • Clarity about values and goals 
  • Effective skills in managing distress 
  • Improved communication with others 

Psychologists work in many settings including private practice, community agencies, hospitals, aged care facilities, schools and correctional facilities. To access a psychologist, we recommend speaking with your GP.   

While the process of obtaining psychological support is tailored to each individual, common reasons people seek support include:   

  • Lack of direction 
  • Assessments and ongoing interventions around social, educational or occupational difficulties 
  • Relationship difficulties 
  • Memory or cognitive concerns 
  • Mood or behaviour problems 
  • Grief and loss 
  • Like most health or stress problems, the earlier you seek intervention the better. Mental and emotional health problems are part of the overall wellbeing spectrum - start a conversation today and receive the support you need.  

For more information on psychological support services provided here at Humanity Health Group/Accelerate Health get in touch today.